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Microstrip Lines and Slotlines epub

Microstrip Lines and Slotlines by K. C. Gupta

Microstrip Lines and Slotlines

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Microstrip Lines and Slotlines K. C. Gupta ebook
ISBN: 089006766X, 9780890067666
Page: 547
Format: djvu
Publisher: Artech House Publishers

Balanced microstrip line replaces traditional ground plate to be the reflector of the Yagi-Uda antenna. A simple and compact printed Yagi-Uda antenna fed by balanced microstrip-slotline and its array are presented based on [13, 14]. Microstrip Lines and Slotlines, Third Edition book download. Antenna Theory Microwave Engineering I have a rectangle slot in the ground (Bottom) and microstip line in the top, how can i make the model ? Foundations for microstrip circuit design, Wiley Chichester, Wes 1991; Gupta, K. Bhartia: Microstrip Lines and Slotlines (Artech House, Norwood, MA, 1996) 2nd ed. Bahl: Microstrip Lines and Slotlines (Artech House, Norwood, MA, 1979). Microstrip lines and slotlines / K. Firstly, with given Zo (single line characteristic impedance), er (relative dielectric constant of the substrate) and C (coupling of the coupled lines) determining shape ratios for equivalent single microstrip lines. Download Microstrip Lines and Slotlines, Third Edition Since the. MicroStrip Lines and Slot Lines Microwave Engineering Second Edition, Wiley, New York 1998; Edwards, T.

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